Choosing the Right Realtor: Beyond the Numbers"

Choosing the Right Realtor: Beyond the Numbers"

Picture this: you're on the hunt to find a good realtor to help you sell your largest investment.You've had a two real estate professionals provide you with a home evaluation but they have given different ideas on the value of your property.

Realtor Bob and Realtor Kathy, presented significantly different market evaluations for your property. Bob proposed a listing range of $450,000 – $465,000 with a commission structure of 6% on the first $100,000 & 3% on the balance while Kathy suggested $475,000 – $490,000 with a fixed 4% commission

If you are like the majority of sellers your immediate instinct is to chose Kathy due to her higher evaluation price but is she really the best realtor to help you sell your home?

It’s easy to be wooed when a higher price is presented. Often we get a magic number in mind of what we want as a bottom line. Then that can become fixating on the "I want ___ amount in my pocket" mantra which can often lead down a path filled with disapointment.

Consider factors beyond the numbers, such as your comfort level with the realtor, their communication style, their overall experience of the industry and area knowledge. They should ask about your wants needs, motivation, desired timing , and, and, and…

Selling your home can be a highly emotional experience so choosing someone you can easily communicate with,comfortably share your concerns with, learn from and trust will go a long way to making your overall experience a better one.

Your starting list price is crucial if you do not want the selling process to be a long drawn out affair. The first two weeks of a listing garners the most interest from potential buyers and overpriced properties are quickly passed over by other realtors that are looking for the perfect place for the genuine buyers they represent.

Unfortunately some real estate agents are willing to provide inflated evaluations just to secure listings which may not benefit you in the long run. Opting to use a realtor who inflates the listing price can cause you much frustration missed opportunities, added stress, and in the end often leads to less dollars in your pocket.

Only consider a realtor that provides the higher market evaluation if they align with your preferences and substantiate their suggested price with recent sales and current listings within the suggested range that has the features that realistically compare to your property

Keep in Mind:Market evaluations are not written in stone; they can change quickly based on the current market conditions. And market conditions too can change quickly. While obtaining a couple evaluations can help determine a suitable listing price, it should not be the primary tool you use to decide which real estate agent to hire.

If your preferred realtor suggests a lower price than others, don't be disheartened. Engage in a constructive conversation, sharing your thoughts and concerns. A capable realtor will listen, provide insights, and collaboratively decide on a price and strategy that aligns with your situation, motivation, and the current market conditions.

In the end, the goal is a win-win scenario for both you and your chosen realtor. So, look beyond the surface, ask questions, and select the professional who not only values your property but understands your unique needs in the intricate world of real estate.

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